Ecomuseum Online

Ettrick Ecomuseum is part on a growing network of Ecomuseums that were set up to allow communities to manage their own heritage, conserving resources, traditions and memories that together define the community. Additionally, the ecomuseum offers a rich source of information about a geographical area that is valuable to local residents, tourists and visitors.

The Ettrick Ecomuseum enables community members to store information that they consider defines their own community. This can be historic documents, scuh as scans of old photos, deeds to houses, letters from past residents. But it can also be more recent things such as minutes of a Community council, or photos of a community event. The key point is that while the items stored in the Ecomuseum might not seem as interesting as historic items, they will gain in value and interest as time passes. A family snap of a BBQ might be a precious memory to someone in a few years, and by adding it to the Ecomuseum you are ensuring it will not be lost.